Monday, December 20, 2010

What Can We Learn From Santa’s Very Reliable Workshop? Part 3 Bubba Claus

Bubba Claus and the South Pole Crew

I am not sure if you have heard the story, but Santa Claus is the younger of two brothers. They have been polar opposites from the begaining. Whereas Santa likes to plan out his year and continuously sets goals to improve each year’s performance Bubba is more of a go with the flow kind of guy. Santa operates an environmentally friendly village that produces toys and Bubba runs a broken down factory that produces mostly smog.

global warming

Bubba is always looking for the silver bullet that will make him as popular as his brother but without all the hard work. He has yet to make a single Christmas delivery on time. Bubba is quite vocal about how he thinks things should be done. Below are his thoughts on reliability and possibly the reason you will not find him in a single children’s book.

Proper planning and scheduling

“A plan just gets in the way of getting things done…… In fact, while you school boys were planning, me and the elf tore it down and fixed this thing up again”

Precise problem solving

“I don’t care why the toys are missing their wheels. Just get it back up and running. We don’t have time to go root’n around”

Perfected Procedures

“Procedures are for people who are just too dumb to do it right”

Proactive Maintenance Techniques

“I don’t care if its vibratin’ just throw some weight on it so it doesn’t come off the mounts.”

Precision Maintenance

“You want tools for precision maintenance fine…. here’s your hammer”

Performance improvement plans

“I have been doing it this way for 300 years why should I change now”


“Metrics are for people that have time to measure… round here we got work to do”

Now as you read through them I bet you might recognize some of the Bubba Claus traits in your own workshop. If so, a good plan and a bit of education could be a good place to start well... once the mad rush to Christmas is over in your village.

Happy Holidays to you from Reliability Now and we wish you a Reliable New Year

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