Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ranting about Reliability: If It Is Not Planned Then It Is Not Scheduled!

Angry old man ranting about reliability
The ornery old man is loose on the RN blog again:

Maintenance organizations complain about getting "no respect." They moan about not being able to get time on the equipment to complete work. They set back and wonder why operations will not partner with them to improve this thing called reliability.

Well let me tell you something...You have to earn respect. Operations does not give you the equipment because you do not give it back when you promised it. You tell them it will be done in four hours and it actually takes twelve. Who wants to partner with a person who doesn't keep their promises.

You want to change this? Then start modeling the behavior that you expect from them. Demonstrate pro-activity.
Do not schedule work that has not been planned. In fact, without some level of planning, how do you even expect to be able to put a duration on it and slot it in the schedule. It can not be done with any accuracy at all.  I'm tied of seeing 4s and 8s. Real maintenance work does not come to you in half and a whole shift blocks. Nor do most maintenance folks have 8 hours of actual wrench time in a day. Lets be real here. You have to at least break the job down into some simple task that are easier to estimate. This will give you a better chance of producing an accurate schedule and building some trust. If you want to learn more about that process check out this blog or this workshop.

The point is, start cleaning up your house before you call out the neighbors in operations. Who knows maybe the neighbors will see the work you are doing and and make a change on their own.
Now get off the internet and make some reliability happen!

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