Friday, May 28, 2010

How Long Does it Take to Build a Race Car?

If you ask me how long it takes to build a race car I have no idea, but I know you can put four tires on in under thirteen seconds. The point is if you are going to properly plan and schedule your work you need to break it down into smaller discrete task that you can accurately estimate and then build the job estimate based on those task estimates. Accuracy goes up exponentially when you estimate the elements and not the whole project at once.
Those of you who watch NASCAR racing see many of the best practices we seek personified in the race teams. They plan every step of their process and schedule all of their pit stops for maximum success. They practice to remove the wasted time from each step of their process and they kit all of the parts and tools they need for maximum speed. Because of all these best practices and the team work they display they can do a full four tire pit stop in just over thirteen seconds. 
If you want your team to perform like a race team then remember to create accurate plans and estimates which lead to more accurate schedules and better team work.