Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Things We Learned about Asset Health Management from Domtar

Special joint blog post with the fine folks from the Ludeca Blog:

Domtar Espanola from Ontario, Canada won Uptime Magazine’s Best Asset Health Management Program. Their goal was “Go from Reactive Maintenance to Proactive”.

To achieve this goal, they put together a plan including several proactive actions and PdM technologies integrated with an Asset Performance Management Software which allow them to closely monitor equipment health.

Kim Hunt shared some of their plan elements:
  1. Implement a precision lubrication program and oil analysis
  2. Skills training: Value your staff and empower them with training. From formal training to just watching Reliabilityweb Webinars together and afterwards eating cookies and holding discussions —great for team building!
  3. Size your equipment properly
  4. Use laser alignment and balancing for precise machine rebuilds and installs
  5. Precise operator care
  6. Maintain excellence in housekeeping
  7. Equipment health monitoring. Use predictive tools including vibration analysis to baseline your equipment.
  8. Root cause analysis and problem elimination
  9. Plan and schedule your maintenance activities with effective standard operating procedures
  10. Continuous improvement - you are never done!

What did they accomplish?
21% reduction in maintenance costs
30% increase in production efficiencies
Increased MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
A total average savings of US$450,000 per year without increasing actual/potential production loss.

Congratulations to Kim Hunt and her team for this award and a job well done.

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