Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Leftovers and Lower Cost Reliability

What if after the Thanksgiving feast you just stuck the leftover food in your china cabinet until the next time you wanted them. This sounds crazy yet many times after plant outages when kitted work is completed the left overs are crammed into a tool box or under a desk in an office. A tool box is no more a suitable storage place for left over parts than a china cabinet is for left over turkey and potato salad. When you are done with the turkey it goes into the refrigerator and when you have leftover parts they should be returned to the maintenance store room where their quality can be verified and they can be preserved in a controlled environment. 
The questions are:
Do you have a "parts return to stores" process?
Does it make returns easy to prevent "squirreling" of parts on the shop floor?
Does it insure quality parts are kept in stores and damaged parts are disposed of?
In the end we want to prevent spoilage and insure that the part and the turkey provides maximum health and reliability and not infant mortality. This way of thinking will get us a lower cost level of reliability now.


  1. Great analogy Shon.

  2. When we return the parts to stores ,these are usually gas-cut into two . Know why ? These are disposed off as scrap . Scrap dealers scavange through,retrieve anything possible and attempt to recondition these parts That's how spurious parts, specially bearings, find their way to the users in the third world .