Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th: Luck is Not Leadership

A plan beats luck everyday! You will want to evaluate and mitigate risk for the day and beyond. Here are 3 points to consider instead of your luck this Friday the 13th:
If you are looking to be an effective leader you should always be looking at the risk to your tribe. What should be happening? What might prevent that from happening? What can you do to mitigate or eliminate that potential issues or threats in advance? If you start here you can improve the situation for your tribe by avoiding the most dire of situation that may be developing during your big bad Friday the 13th.
Secondly, focus on what you can control. Some issues you can't change even if you have identified them in advance. For example some of your tribe will exit for various reasons. While you can work to mitigate this it will never be eliminated due to the necessities of age, business, and personal need. Focus on building processes to ease the transition of tribe members into and out of the tribe. Clear processes will help the whole tribe feel better about roles and expectations.
Lastly, you control your attitude and through that you steer the tribes.
Your choices about attitude model the expectations for the tribe and if you make the right choices here you can mitigate many of the risk identified previously. Why not be an "encourager" in lieu of a "discourager." If you decide that Friday the 13 is an unlucky day of misery then it will be, of course your other choice is to make this a first class Friday. It can be a day where while everything may not go perfect our reactions to it will be.

Happy first class Friday the 13th to you and your tribe!

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