Friday, January 26, 2018

Laser Focused Turbo Implementation: Throwing the BS flag again

We live in a world where we are constantly sold silver bullets, magic pills, and laser focused turbo implementations. When in reality it takes focus, time, knowledge, and grit to implement organizational change. If someone promises you instant implementation, throw the BS flag. (If you don't have one let us know, we have plenty.) Real change takes more than a few weeks; no matter how many consultants you throw at it. Let's take a look at a traditional manufacturing reliability improvement initiative in each of these four areas.
First Focus: You need a vision to focus on and a plan to get you there. Chances are it will not be laser focused because reliability is a broad topic with may interdependent elements. For example, predictive maintenance without work processes is a fool's errand. 
Second Time:You need the time to train on the concepts and soak then train and soak again. You need the time to communicate the vision, focus, and the plan and then time for that to soak. You have to give the site the time to digest what is wrong with their current process before you can ask them to change to a new process. It all takes time. If anyone says they can generate meaningful organizational change in less than 6 months grab a flag.
Third Knowledge: Knowledge and "know how" speeds up the change process. You want to find it, consume it, and share it quickly. But even with a library of knowledge you need time to help the organization to absorb it and the others to put it to use.
Fourth Grit: Grit is the desire and fortitude to get things done even when it is hard. Organization change is hard. Really hard. Few are successful and a big reason is grit and gumption. If you have a vision, knowledge, and time but you don't have grit you will fail. It is that simple.
So in the end, don't look for silver bullets they are like seven day diets and 5 minute work outs, someone ends up fat and someone else ends up happy. If you are promised a quick fix or a turbo implementation throw that flag because you know that what is worth doing is worth doing right.

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